Beak to beak, felt picture

  • Beak to beak, felt picture
  • Beak to beak, felt picture

This is one of a number of corvid wool drawings I have made over the years.
There is a line in front of my house where rooks, crows and jackdaws perch...I photograph them when I catch them congregating. I make drawings from the images which I then turn into felt pictures, each one is unique.
I use wool fibre from the Cambrian mountains to wet felt the images...this is a technique where the fibres are laid out and wet down then rubbed and rolled until they felt together. Drawing with the fibres in this way means at some point you have to let go of the image as the wool will do as it will....using just black and white gives an almost charcoal like effect.
The felt has been stretched around a canvas so can be hung on a wall straight away.
This measures 51cm by 41 cm.